Peter’s Marvel {A Poem}

Riana’s Resurrection Rock Garden

Peter’s Marvel
from Luke 24:10-12, John 20:3-7 NASB
                                    It appeared as nonsense
                                    Were the women’s words true-
                                    His blessed Master
                                    No longer in the tomb?
                                    Hope burst forth anew and
                                    Peter’s heart burned within.
                                    Could it be possible
                                    His crucified Lord…risen?
                                    To the tomb he ran
                                    He stooped and looked in
                                    With utter amazement
                                    Saw the wrappings of linen.
                                    An overflow of emotions
                                    His mind did ponder.
                                    He left the empty tomb
                                    And at these things he marveled.
My friend Riana made the pictured rock garden in remembrance of this day. The rocks came from Israel where her parents had just visited. Doug and I went to the Sunrise Fellowship they have each year at their home. It was a sweet time of reading verses and singing out on their stoop while watching the sun’s rays break through the clouds.
Thank you Lord for your death on the cross for my sins, 
but it didn’t end there: 
You rose from the grave and are interceding right now 
at the right hand of the Father on my behalf.
All praise, glory and honor to you.

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