Book Review: Passport through Darkness

Kimberly Smith and her husband Milton were living the American dream but each felt an emptiness in their heart that nothing seemed to fill. One night in desperation Kimberly prayed:

“God, use me or take me out. Please. I am begging You. I don’t want to live this way. I can’t live this way any longer. I’m desperate to know why I’m here. Use me or take me out.”

Not long after that prayer her husband would come across an article sharing about a need for missionaries in Spain. In his earlier years, he had actually been a missionary in Spain. He came home to share his desire with Kimberly.

While she fought it at first, God eventually got her to the place of surrender.

They established a student ministry along with a street ministry. Across the border into Portugal they learned of an orphanage housing African immigrant children that needed assistance. A deeper secret was to be revealed as the Smith’s learned that sex trafficking was going on with these children. After a two year battle, where their life was threatened and they had to return their daughters to the states because their lives were threatened also, the children were finally returned to their broken family units.

They returned to the states and birthed Make Way Partners to help women and children in the countries where sex trafficking was most prominent. As Milton was battling some health issues, Kimberly was asked to go to Sudan.

Sudan would forever change Kimberly and her relationship with her husband who would remain behind. His health wouldn’t allow him to go but he knew God wanted Kimberly to go and he would trust Him to bring her back each time. The people and events Kimberly encountered will forever be etched in the reader’s mind as will the strength and perseverance of Kimberly and Milton.

For some time, Kimberly carried a dark event with her. She never shared it with her husband. Her secrecy was driving a wedge in their marriage. Finally she spilled her heart out to him and they were slowly able to begin the healing process of restoration within their marriage.

Passport through Darkness by Kimberly L. Smith opened my eyes to the atrocities that go on in Sudan. My heart was opened to a woman who, like me, struggles daily with sin. She writes:

“Where were the books about the real people who found Jesus but still kept sinning, failing, fighting and struggling against themselves throughout their lives, as the good work was being completed?”

I ask myself that question many times.

Has God ever brought you to a point of desperation that propelled you onto the mission field or into a ministry you never considered yourself being a part of?
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