Embracing Obscurity: A Book Review

Could you give up your thousand blog followers simply to write words in a journal no one may ever see? Are you willing to quietly close the door behind you while other pastors continue to talk about their rising attendance and latest mega-church philosophies? Could you say goodbye to all your Facebook fans and hit the delete button?

Embracing Obscurity by Anonymous challenges the reader to consider those things. 

“That’s what embracing obscurity is all about: being content with being “relatively unknown” so that Christ can be made more known.”

Using the servanthood of Christ from Philippians 2:5-10 as our example, the author exhorts us to humble ourselves in service to others and to find our significance in Christ alone and not material possessions, wealth or great success.

“Living for an audience of One is at the heart of embracing obscurity.”

A few of the things the author listed we may have to give up to embrace obscurity:

-Financial self-sufficiency


-Being known

And a few of the things we would gain:


-An assurance

-Kingdom tasks

The author ends the book with the question:

“Will you walk worthy of the glorious gospel 
even if no one ever knows your name?”

Though the writer is anonymous, he alludes to being a well-known Christian author who did indeed delete his Facebook page but not without inner prideful conflict. Having read books of similar writing style, I have a guess as to who anonymous is. 

I would love for you to share your thoughts on this concept of embracing obscurity. 

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