How People Change [Book Review]

Do you know an anger-filled, joyless Christian who blames every wrong thing in their life on someone else? Do you struggle with marital issues that seem to never get better? How People Change by Timothy S. Lane and Paul David Tripp points the reader to the Gospel in producing lasting change…a change that comes through the heart.

While I may point fingers and pray for God to change this situation or that person, the person God is intending to change is me:

“God says that what needs change the most is us! He does not just work to fix situations and relationships; he is intent on rescuing us from ourselves. We are the focus of his loving, lifelong work of change.”

Have you ever felt God with a scalpel begin to pierce the condition of your heart? I know I have and it is not pleasant at the time but the result is more Christ-likeness. The authors write:

“But the Bible teaches again and again that our circumstances don’t cause us to act as we do. They only expose the true condition of our hearts, revealed in our words and actions.”

“Our background, relationships, situation and physical condition only provide the opportunity for our thoughts, words, and actions to reveal whatever is already in our hearts. Our hearts are always the ultimate cause of our responses, and where the true spiritual battle is fought.”

The authors walk the reader through four concepts to producing lasting heart change: Heat (the trial of an external situation), thorns or fruit (the response of the heart to the trial) and the cross (the new life we have in Christ).

“A new lifestyle-the outward fruit of a believer’s life-does not grow out of a stoic obedience to God’s commands, but from a heart that has been captured and captivated by the Giver of those commands.”

It is a must read for those who are tired of their sinful responses and want to understand how to have true heart change.

3 thoughts on “How People Change [Book Review]

  1. Thanks for following my blog! I had an opportunity to hear Paul Tripp speak at a church event about two years. I’ve been hooked ever since. He has several books I’d love to read. I’ve been through his marriage study too which is really, really good.

  2. Sounds good. I noticed it’s by the same authors as “Relationships: a Mess Worth Making” – which is on my reading list for this year. Any idea if the two books overlap, or if they both deal with separate issues?

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