Lord, Give Us Fresh Oil {A Poem}

My prayer for missionaries and others involved in ministry:

A Fresh Oil

Give us fresh oil…
to walk in the Holy Spirit
renewed with passion for Your glory.
Give us fresh oil…
not contaminated by man-made plans
but fueled with the desire
“Your will, not ours, be done.”
Give us fresh oil…
to pray without ceasing and
give thanks in all circumstances.
Give us fresh oil…
for without Your empowerment
we do the work of self and not You.
Give us fresh oil…
to sustain us when we are weak and
guide us when we struggle in uncertainty.
Give us fresh oil…
to shine Your light brightly and
proclaim the Gospel in the darkness.

-Debbie Neal Crawford

7 thoughts on “Lord, Give Us Fresh Oil {A Poem}

  1. Beautiful, Debbie! I was wondering if I could get your permission to put these words to music? I am the worship leader at my church and would love to share this prayer through song. Thank you!

    • I want what I write to be used for His glory. You can certainly use these words to worship Him. I will email you so that you can send your finished song to me. I would love to hear it and even share it here.

  2. I read that from Nancy Leigh DeMoss in her Quiet Place devotional – wonderful. A beautiful prayer Debbie – and should be the prayer of us all…….

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