Don’t Wait {A Poem}

hospital-bedsUncle Raymond. I don’t know why he came to my mind. I remember as a young girl bursting into his house and giving him a little play punch on his stomach. He would be in his recliner leaned back and usually watching a Cardinal baseball game.

As I grew into a young woman, I unfortunately didn’t visit him as much as I should have. Then the day came when he was reclined in a hospital bed instead of his lazy boy chair. A stroke had left him in ICU where the doctor had given him a short time to live.

I was a young Christian. I wanted to share the good news of the gospel with him many times but always just drove by. God gave me such a burden that on my lunch break I went to the hospital. It was just the two of us. I held his hand and the best I could without breaking down told him about his need for Christ who died on the cross for his sin. I told him that if he understood me would he just squeeze my hand. As light as it may have been I believe he did. He passed away later that day. I wrote this poem in memory of him:

To Raymond

 Why did I wait so long
To share Jesus with you?
Now I have to wonder-
Did you hear?  Did He get through?
So many times I thought of you,
But I just drove on by.
We think there is always tomorrow.
Sometimes we run out of time.
It took you lying there dying
To get me over my fear-
But I believe in my heart
That in Heaven I will see you there.
We never know what tomorrow brings-
Live each day as the last.
Is there someone who needs Jesus?
Go!  It may be your only chance.

-Debbie Neal Crawford

If you have a loved one that needs to hear the gospel, don’t wait…

What are your thoughts?

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