Wonders in the Wilderness


There is a place between the look-what-God-did mountain high and the Lord-I’m-coming-out-of the valley low. It is called the wilderness. I’ve been there several times. Maybe you have been there. I can’t imagine a Christian who hasn’t. There is no lush greenery or magnificent trees, for this is the wilderness of the Israelites: a place of many rocks along the dry sand which can cause the wanderer to stumble.

It is a wasteland; but not a waste in God’s eyes.

“The wilderness is not a place as much as it is a condition.” –Greg Harris

In this wilderness a whirlwind of discouragement and depression blows through our souls and stirs up more rocks and sand as they join with doubt and disobedience. Have you been there my friend? The sand clings to our eyes and we grope blindly in our darkness. Grit fills our mouths. We don’t know how to cry out. If we did, we ask ourselves if He is listening?

“What makes the wilderness the wilderness is the appearance of the lack of God’s presence.” –Greg Harris

The Israelites may have thought they were alone, but God gave:

To weary feet-shoes that never wore out.

To parched mouths-water from a rock.

To food grumblers and complainers-fresh manna every morning.

To those who wanted a compass-a cloud by day and a fire by night.

He was with this chosen group of nomads to reveal His character and His glory.

Don’t despair, my friend. It is no different for you and I. God is with us in our wilderness. He is an ever-present help in trouble. He hears the whispers of our downcast soul when we can’t speak. As the sand clings to our eyes causing disillusionment, we must cling to His word. God still does wonders in the wilderness.

What has God shown you through a wilderness experience?

6 thoughts on “Wonders in the Wilderness

  1. thanks for sharing and reminding us how even in our lowly days that God blesses us with much, watches over and comforts us.

  2. Wilderness builds a certain tenacity to faith, don’t you think? I know that has been true for me, anyway. Thanks for covering this topic so honestly, so hopefully, Debbie.

    And thanks for linking up with Unforced Rhythms.

  3. Your thoughts here tie perfectly into the mid-week sermon at our church this week — and of course, to where my family is at right now. I am thankful that He goes before us during difficult times.

    Thanks for sharing! You’ve encouraged my spirit today. 🙂

  4. Hi Debbie! God keeps encouraging me in the wilderness, I can say that. It doesn’t make what I’m doing any more confusing (!) but it does make me realize that I am not alone. And that is a great gift.
    Wonderful encouragement for the road tonight. Thank you!

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