Book Review: Made for More

“In order to know who you are, you must first know who He is.”

So begins Hannah Anderson’s book “Made for More.”

Her writing is gleaned from Romans 11:36-

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.

Beginning, in the beginning, with Genesis 1: 26-28 she encourages women to find our identity in imago dei or “in the image of God.”

“Because you are made in God’s image, you exist to reflect and represent Him on this earth. Because you are made in God’s image, you are made to proclaim what He is like by doing what He does.”

She then gives us three ways we can find our identity as an image bearer:

1) We are made to live in dependent communion with God.

2) We are to learn to live in relationship with other human beings.

3) We are to steward creation the way God does.

She continues the book with an explanation of these themes that always points the reader to God and living for His glory. If you are looking for a light read that answers how you can be a better a wife in 30 days, then this book is not for you. Hannah’s writing is deep and thought-provoking. Have a highlighter ready for words you will want to ponder later.

This book is a challenge for women to look beyond finding their identity in being a wife, mother or career person but finding it in the ONE that gives us these roles.

You can enjoy more of Hannah’s writing at her blog Sometimes a Light.

What are your thoughts?

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