Book Review: Everyday Poetry

10514254_685563548201886_708004239353314119_oI crossed paths with Jennifer Morrissette through blogging several years ago. We have never met but if we ever do I believe we will be able to mutually encourage one another as sisters in Christ. I was very excited for her to publish her first book of poems, Everyday Poetry: Looking on the Bright Side of Life. She generously mailed a copy to those who would give a review of the book. I was blessed to be one of those people.

The title of the book is quite fitting. From haikus to free form, Jennifer rhymes and composes through life’s moments. Some of them we have all experienced. Three of my favorites are: My Sonnet, A Gift for Neetm, Blessed Trinity and Considering Others Interests. This is the last stanza of Considering Others Interests:

Christianity and poetry

are hard to combine,

but it can be done

with helpful words divine.

The Christian poet

must always recall

that words have power

to make one stand or to fall.

I take that thought as a personal charge in my writing. If you enjoy poetry that expresses ordinary daily life with thoughts of God then this book is for you. Meet Jennifer and be encouraged by more of her musings at her blog The Adventurous Life of Mine and follow her author page on Facebook.

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