Blind Spots by Collin Hansen [Book Review]

9781433546235Are you guilty of hanging around those who have the same Christian mentality as you?  I know I am. This can present a problem for us; our blind spots are never pointed out because we tend to socialize with those of the same view. In his book Blind Spots author Collin Hansen discusses three groups that the church consists of today: The courageous, the compassionate and the commissioned. What group do you belong to? Take the quiz to find out. Each group has their own blind spots, an area that obstructs us from seeing the whole picture.

The compassionate are givers of their money and time. They care for the orphan and widow. They read the latest ministry update from an organization they support that fights sex-trafficking. But look out if you don’t support the cause they are promoting. They can quickly get angry.

The courageous love theology and defending God’s truth which as the author points out they are quick to do without the grace that should accompany it. They can become prideful with their knowledge and disregard those who do not agree.

The commissioned want to reach people with the gospel of Christ. They are not afraid to brain storm and think of ways to get unbelievers into the church. While that is a worthy desire they may compromise theology by more “feel good” messages that attract the masses.

 “It’s easier to associate only with our own. But anyone in the world can have that kind of community.”

What’s the point of knowing about these groups? As the author shares the church is made up of a diverse group of people. It is through this diverse group that God chooses to work. The compassionate, courageous and commissioned need each other to effectively do the work of Christ. In his closing the author gives us the answer for each of us to be able to work together:


Blind Spots is an encouraging read for the church. May the Lord help us to embrace and work with each other without gospel compromise so that people see a community devoted to God’s glory.

I received this book from Crossway Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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