Fear in the Midst of Faith


I know you have been there. Whether it was a family member or friend, you received the news of a life-changing diagnosis. You prayed and pleaded, cried and begged to the God who can do the impossible. Yet your prayers went unanswered just as mine did. I’ve lost a high school friend to brain cancer, another friend to ovarian cancer and another friend’s two year old to leukemia. Many of you have also lost loved ones to this epidemic. I prayed and believed God for the impossible just as others were praying too but He had a different plan. Our faith in God to move mountains (cancer) didn’t move His hand that heals.

So maybe you can relate to my fear in the midst of my faith with yet another possible diagnosis for a dear friend and sister in Christ.

Dichotomy of Belief

There’s a place in the heart
where fear and faith
doubt and belief
wrestle between the two extremes.
Faith flows full
I know my God is able
yet fear lingers
and doubt surrounds
even in the believing.
So I kneel before you Lord
Just as another man once did
in weakness and truth he said
“Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.”
So, Lord, this too is my plea.

-Debbie Neal Crawford

What are your thoughts?

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