Word-Filled Women’s Ministry [Book Review]

Word-Filled Women's MinistryWord-Filled Women’s Ministry: Loving and Serving the Church is a compilation from a diverse group of ladies involved in some aspect of women’s ministry. The main theme of the book is stated in the first sentence of the introduction:

Profitable ministry among women is grounded in God’s Word, grows in the context of God’s people, and aims for the glory of Christ.

The local church is the platform from which this ministry takes place. Therefore, it comes under the authority of the church leadership. Pastor/Elders should embrace a place where women can use their gifts within the body.

Just as women have a responsibility to use their gifts in the local church, so church leaders have a responsibility to welcome their sisters into areas of service within the church where their gifts can be well used. –Cindy Cochrum

I like that this book greatly encourages a team that works together in ministering to women. Sometimes it is automatically assumed the Pastor’s wife should be doing and overseeing all the women’s ministry but that does not have to be the case.

What role could you play in women’s ministry?

God rewards stewardship, which is simply making the most of what he has entrusted to us in order to increase his estate. He has entrusted each of us as his servants with differing skills, aptitudes, abilities and opportunities. He has planted us in different places, surrounded by different needs, with differing personalities. We should be asking ourselves: What has God uniquely entrusted to me that I could be investing for a return for his kingdom? –Nancy Guthrie

While fellowship-building activities should be welcomed and is much needed, it is not food or crafts that bring change to another woman’s soul. It is the gospel. It is His word. God can use these activities to be a catalyst for women to begin sharing their struggles, developing a Titus 2 relationship or deepening the many friendships among women all for His glory.

This book is a great primer for any woman involved in women’s ministry or who feels her women’s ministry is stagnant.

What are your thoughts?

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