Awe by Paul David Tripp [Book Review]


Do you find yourself uninterested in the beauty of a sunset? Has your marriage become routine? Is church just a building you go to? Perhaps you have lost your awe; forgetting the One who created the sunset, placed you with your spouse and is building His church. This is what the book Awe: Why It Matters for Everything We Think, Say and Do by Paul David Tripp explores.

Writing from his own experience, Tripp examines 13 different aspects of the Christian life. He challenges his readers by reminding us that each created awe is meant to point us to the Creator.

“Horizontal awe is meant to do one thing: stimulate vertical awe.”

This is most easily acknowledged in creation; but there are other areas where we should not lose our awe such as in our ministry, church, marriage, parenting, and work. He takes us to the Garden of Eden and the rebellion of Adam and Eve who tried to find life outside the Creator. Vignettes of everyday scenarios many of us can relate to also gives insight to this lack of awe.

Tripp gives us the symptoms of our blind amnesia from self-centeredness to spiritual coldness and many more. He admonishes us that complaint is awelessness verbalized. We must trust that God is sovereign over our circumstance.

My favorite chapter was on the church. Here he challenges believers to live a lifestyle of ministry thus extending church to something that does not just take place on Sunday.

“How many believers really live a lifestyle that results from believing that God has graced them to be not just recipients of the work of his kingdom but instruments of the work of the kingdom as well?”

“For the church to be the church-not just a place where you can find ministry but where the people are a ministering community-every believer must accept his or her role in the life of every other believer. No church will be able to afford enough staff to cover all the teaching and admonishing moments that God will give his church in any given week.”

What is Tripp’s definition of awe? A longing for a place where your hunger will be satisfied. Ultimately that place is heaven where we will be in the presence of His awesomeness for eternity.

If you have forgotten to look past creation to the Creator and be awed, then I highly recommend you read this book. May it restore your awe of God as it has mine.

I received this book from Crossway Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

2 thoughts on “Awe by Paul David Tripp [Book Review]

  1. This sounds like a really important book for the Christian community to pay attention to. I know I often get so bogged down with the mundane aspects of life, that I forget to find awe in the things God made. If we pay attention, there is joy hidden in every part of life, we just need to look past ourselves to see it.

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