The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross by Carl Laferton [Book Review]

t5garden_medium3d.g7wvjnz5osg52qzrnorvrq67frvh6m4zThe Garden, the Curtain and the Cross: The True Story of why Jesus died and Rose Again by Carl Laferton shares the gospel in a children’s book format. The colorful pictures by Catalina Echeverri depict Adam, Eve and the temple along with black, gray and white pictures for the pages dealing with sin and Jesus’ death on the cross. I appreciated that an all Caucasian cast of characters was not evident. This is not always the case in other children’s Bible stories. Different skin tones are used throughout which makes it perfect for children of all nationalities.

The book begins in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. Sin is defined as not doing what God says to do and wanting a world without Him in charge.

“God wanted people to remember: It is wonderful to live with him…but because of your sin, you can’t come in.”

The temple curtain is explained as a “Keep Out” sign separating the people from the presence of God because of their sin.

Then Jesus is introduced as the one who never sinned. The One who had always planned to die on the cross for our sin and when he died on the cross the “Keep Out” sign had been ripped. He was brought back to life by God, making a way for us all to live with Him forever.

This book is filled with great teaching moments for parents to engage their children with the hopelessness of their sin and the hope of the gospel. I read this book to two of my little friends one three and the other five. They listened attentively to the story and enjoyed pointing things out on the pages. They gave the book a thumbs up along with their parents.

Reading this book during Easter time is a wonderful opportunity to remind children of the real meaning of Easter. They will see that Easter isn’t about bunnies, eggs and baskets but about Jesus who died for their sin and was resurrected so that they may have eternal life in heaven with Him.

I received this book from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for a honest review.

What are your thoughts?

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