Poetry Is

Poetry Is

Poetry is
the song of a redbird
on a snow-capped pine tree
in late November.
It is the shine of the sun
overlooking the ocean waves
as it meets the horizon.
It is the strength of a tornado
leaving a path of destruction
in early May.
Poetry is
the words of the heart
written on tablets of flesh
that transcend time.

-Debbie Neal Crawford

This poem was written from a prompt in the book Inspired-Eight Ways to Write Poems You Can Love by L. L. Barkat for Tweetspeak Poetry. I highly recommend their resources for writers.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Is

  1. I see that redbird–a bright spot of red against white snow and dark pine. I see that too-bright reflection of setting sun on an ocean mirror. Beautiful, Debbie! More words of your heart, please!

  2. Deb, I’m so happy to read this and must say your new blog is beautiful.
    Poetry is…….
    a picture put into words.
    How about that?
    (Laurie Klein and myself are intimately acquainted with Laura Barkat and the wondrous community at Tweetspeak. I love how God makes all these connections!)

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