Deeper Waters and Other Summer Reading

IMG_1330My companions this summer were more in the form of creased corners and highlighted words than the physical presence of friends. I think that is okay for a season. Many times the words of others can ignite my creativity, cause me to ponder humanity more deeply and spur me on in my pursuance of Christ.

Deeper Waters by Denise J. Hughes was definitely a spur-me-on book. The author divided Ezra 7:10 into four parts:

-Determining in Your Heart

-To Study God’s Word

-To Obey God’s Voice

-To Teach God’s Precepts

She then encourages the reader in each of those areas but in a unique way. Interwoven with encouragement to be immersed in God’s word is also her personal struggle with the Lord as she grew up watching her older brother deal with his paralysis from a car accident. She writes:

In the morning an eerie hush stifles the air. No one speaks. No one looks at each other. We shuffle to our cereal bowls, feeling the weight of this final blow. No surgery, no prayer meeting, and no super-evangelist can restore this brokenness. Faith is crucified and buried. Hope dies. And a permanent wheelchair ramp is built to our front door.

Yet it is through this tragedy that she does find hope in God and His word. This is what I loved from Denise! She is all about His word! Part memoir and part exhortation, I highly recommend this book to new believers, those who have found themselves in a desert and anyone in between. Denise is also the author of the Word Writers Bible study series which incorporates writing out the scripture passage and studying it.

Other books I read this summer:

Take Me With You by Catherine Ryan Hyde

I picked this book up at a Little Free Library in Pinedale, Wyoming. How fitting since it is a book with Yellowstone National Park as its backdrop. It is the fictional story of an unexpected bond between a recovering alcoholic and two young boys that come under his care for a short time. It was the first fiction book I had read in a while and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to reading another one of her books some time again soon.

Rhythms of Rest by Shelly Miller

The author encourages the reader to embrace a true Sabbath rest by being intentional in preparing for it and tuning out worldly distractions for this special day. I enjoyed reading the book, but I think we each have to find what is right for us on the Lord’s day. While she promotes quiet reflection, my husband and I find rest in watching an old Western on TV. Though I didn’t agree with everything she wrote, the book was a good reminder to me of what the Sabbath is to be.

A Circle of Quiet by Madeleine L’Engle

This was the first book I had ever read by this author. I loved reading about her daily life but most of all I enjoyed the writing aspect of her life which she also shares in this first book of The Crosswicks Journal series.

I will share my favorite read of the summer in a separate post. So how about you? What was your favorite read this summer and why?

5 thoughts on “Deeper Waters and Other Summer Reading

  1. That book on Sabbath rest reminded me of another I read a few years ago – 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life, by Matthew Sleeth and Eugene H. Peterson. It was pretty interesting to think through some of the issues surrounding our need for taking a “sabbath rest” on a regular, weekly basis!

  2. So encouraged by your blog all the time. How can you encourage someone who struggles to finish books. I jump from one book to the other.

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