A Year of Change

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As I reflect over the past year one word comes to my mind: change. This has been a year of changes. It began with my Dad passing away on January 4 from lung cancer. You can read about our last days with him here. The first few months I adjusted well, but it seems as the one year anniversary of his death looms near, a quiet sadness has overcome me. 

In August, after much prayer and wrestling, Doug and I felt it was time to leave the church we had attended for several years. Another change that brought a loss of close friendships, but the gain of new friends. We are adapting to our new church family and seeking where we can serve there. 

The first week of October, my mom experienced a mild stroke. There doesn’t seem to be any lasting effects from it for which I am very thankful. The stroke would be followed by several Afib episodes that landed her in the hospital for three weekends in a row. I moved in with her to help care for her. Doug stays at our house and I run in and out to gather things each week. That craziness finally became too much and we decided as a family to move in together in one house. Unfortunately, neither one of our houses could properly accommodate all of us. God has always provided for us, and once again He proved faithful and led us to a house within just three days. 

A few months ago I began to pray for the Lord to work a servant’s heart in me. One that naturally serves from a heart of devotion to Him and not self. While I would have preferred Him sending me to a homeless shelter, God has used this year of changes to begin that work in my heart. Caring for a loved one exposed my selfish heart and caused me to cry out to the Lord for help. 

I don’t know what 2020 holds. I hope the only change will be in me. My changeless God working in my heart for my good and His glory. 

How has your year been? What word would you use to describe 2019?


3 thoughts on “A Year of Change

  1. It’s been a mixture of discouragement and joy in the journey. He has been faithful in all of them. He does not change, is a King worth waiting for. Glory to His Name🙏💗

  2. It was a year of change for me, also. Lots of visits to medical personnel as a consequence. Leaning to lean on the Everlasting Arms more.

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