Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

Like the pages of an unopened book
waiting to be turned
A new month begins
with weekly calendars instead of chapters
Numbered days waiting to be filled
with events that write my life story.
To everything there is a season-
Summer sun and lemonade surrender
to pumpkin-spice filled Autumn days.
I relinquish busy for better
                ­performance for peace
                   anxiety for acceptance.
May I live this season well-
Embrace the falling leaves
and seize the day.

-Debbie Neal Crawford

True Liberty


Independence Day 2

There is a freedom found
Not in the stars of a flag
Or its red and white stripes
But by the bloody lashes
On the back of Jesus Christ.

He came to set the captive free
But not without a cost
God’s plan involved
The death of His Son
at Golgotha on a cross.

No earthly place of honor
“It is finished” His final cry.
Darkness descended, the earth shook
And the temple veil was torn
Jesus breathed His last and He died.

“Then you will know the truth
And the truth will set you free.”
Are you bound in chains of sin?
Look to the cross, in Christ
We find true liberty.

-Debbie Neal Crawford

Joy Comes in the Morning~Advent Poem Week 3


Disappointment. Despair.
Darkness descends.
Desolate one
raise your downcast face
to He who collects
your tears in His bottle.
Look. Look.
To the east on the horizon
a light beam in the soul’s pitch black.
The heart has quickened.
The Son has dawned.
See. See.
A ray of hope
The Light of the World shines.
Weeping may endure for a night
but joy come in the morning.

-Debbie Neal Crawford