Joy Comes in the Morning~Advent Poem Week 3


Disappointment. Despair.
Darkness descends.
Desolate one
raise your downcast face
to He who collects
your tears in His bottle.
Look. Look.
To the east on the horizon
a light beam in the soul’s pitch black.
The heart has quickened.
The Son has dawned.
See. See.
A ray of hope
The Light of the World shines.
Weeping may endure for a night
but joy comes in the morning.

-Debbie Neal Crawford


Embrace the Prince of Peace~Advent Poem Week 2

Embrace Peace

Hurried. Worried.
So much to prepare.
Distracted with to-dos
And the coming new year.

Pause. Reflect.
Take time to consider.
See the baby in a manger
Born to be our Savior.

Rest. Rejoice.
In your striving cease.
Ready your heart.
Embrace the Prince of Peace.

-Debbie Neal Crawford