The Heavens Declare {A Poem}


There is a place where
words are seen
not spoken.
Where beauty is revealed
in the daily cycle
of the sun rejoicing
as it circles the heavens.
Rivers clap-
Mountains shout.
Wildflowers wear splendor.
Stars converse boldly
to the night sky.
Clouds concur
as the moon meekly
masquerades behind them-
only to burst forth later
a halo of brilliant beams.
The heavens declare
a timeless message
to the ends of the earth.

The heavens declare the glory of God,
And the expanse proclaims the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Aletheia {A Poem}

My Backyard View

My Backyard View

Barren tree
where are your leaves
among the gold, crimson and green?
You stand out of place
in need of grace
to gain His heavenly hues.
Naked, laid bare
truth revealed
do not be ashamed
for God gives and takes away.
Your lifeless limbs He honors
the first stretched out to pray.

-Debbie Neal Crawford